What is Farmicrop?

Farmicrop is a game where users can have their own virtual farm and earn real money by selling their farm's production to other players.

Having your own virtual farm in Farmicrop is very easy, you just have to go to the laboratory and produce raw materials such as seeds and compost, you also have to go to your well and collect water to start your first planting and thus harvest some vegetables that you can later sell in the market.

If you don't want to wait to produce the raw material, you can also buy it from other players in the market.

We recommend setting competitive prices but that generate a profit, for example, if you buy 1 package of seeds and 15 kilos of fertilizer for a total of 2 coins, then you should try to sell your production for at least 2.1 coins so that you can have at least less 0.10 coins of profit and so you can buy more seeds and produce more vegetables.

The vegetables you produce are not sold to the site but will be other users who, like you, need to buy those items for their own farms, for example, those seeds that you hypothetically bought in the previous example you would have bought from another user who created those seeds in the lab and sold them for a profit. Another player will be the one who will buy your vegetables to use them in their own farm or to mix them in the laboratory and thus create a new item such as cow food or something that requires vegetables.

There are different things that you can produce besides vegetables, you can buy a cow and produce milk, you can buy a chicken and produce eggs. You can also raise and sell animals such as cows and chickens or mix products in the laboratory to create and sell food, compost, seeds, poisons, vaccines, scarecrows and other items that our farmers are always needing for their farms.

In our withdrawals section you can exchange the accumulated coins for real money, we have different payment methods and withdrawals are made automatically without waiting times instantly.

About water: Water cannot be bought in the market nor can it be sold between users, water is only obtained by collecting it from water wells. We give a water well to our new users, the amount of water to receive per day will depend on your farmer level. You can also buy new water wells that will give you water every day for free.

About the dark potion: The dark potion is one of the most important farmicrop items, they are needed to be able to enable new furnaces in the laboratory, to breed new birds and livestock, to create scarecrows, to create dogs, to create cats, to buy new jackpots, to buy new slots. There are 2 ways to obtain dark potion, the first is by buying it from other users in the market and the second is by creating it in the laboratory.

You will need some coins to make your first purchase in the market, there are several ways to obtain coins, the first is by buying them directly from the site in the coin store section, the second way is through the section to earn free coins where you can earn coins Performing tasks such as surveys and similar things that our advertising partners publish, another way is by attracting referrals in which you will earn commissions in coins when your guests make a purchase of coins or perform tasks correctly. Finally, the most important way to earn coins is by making sales in the market.

We hope you are encouraged to start your own virtual farm at farmicrop and we wish you much success!