How to get started in Farmicrop (Quick way with investment)?

Getting started is very easy!

After registering an account, go to the coin store and buy a pack of coins (You can also earn some free coins in the earn free coins section)

After you have coins, search the market and use your coins to buy raw materials from other players.

To start you can try buying seeds and compost to produce vegetables, another option is to buy chickens and poultry feed to produce eggs or you can buy a cow and cattle feed to produce milk.

With your new items go to the corresponding area, for example, if you bought seeds you must go to your planting area. To start a new plantation you need slots, each slot in the planting area is a space that can be used for planting.

With your coins you can buy the amount of slots you prefer. You will also need dark potion to buy slots, but you can easily buy it from the market.

When you have slots available you will see an option to "sow", select the seed you want to plant and add water and fertilizer.

Each planting lasts 72 hours, after this time you will be able to harvest the vegetables and sell them in the market.

When you sell your production in the market, use your coins to grow your farm, buy more seeds or add plant protector and plant vitamins to your new plantation to prevent the plant from getting sick and to obtain more vegetables. In addition, including a scarecrow would be very useful to avoid crows attacks on your crops.