How to get started in Farmicrop (Slow way without investment)?

In farmicrop it is possible to start without investing and still grow the farm and earn money.

When you register we give you some resources so you can start your production, we give you:

1 laboratory furnace, 1 seeding slot, 1 water well, 1 market slot and some diamonds.

You can use the laboratory oven to create tomato seeds and compost, both only require water to be created, you can go to collect water from your water well and advance the waiting times with the diamonds that we have given you.

Head over to your planting area and use your tomato seeds to sow them. Add at least 5 of water and 5 of compost so that the plant begins to grow. A tomato plant consumes 5 of water and 5 of fertilizer per day so do not forget to enter each day to add them or add 15 at once and come back in 3 days.

Your seeds will take 3 days to be ready to be harvested, you can use the tomatoes you obtain to sell them in the market for some coins that you can later exchange for real money or you can use them to buy things from other users that will help you improve your farm.

You don't want to wait 3 days to start a sale in the market? Well, then sell the tomato seeds, the compost or even the newly sown plantation, in farmicrop you can sell everything to other users. The more difficult to get the item, the more coins you can ask for them, that is why it is more profitable to sell tomatoes than tomato seeds.

May you have a lot of success on your farm!