How to sell in the market?

To start a sale you must go to the "my sales" menu, there you can select the items you want to sell, set the price and the quantity to sell.


When another player buys your item, the coins will arrive to your account automatically and we will send you a notification.


Things you should know:


  • Farmicrop adds a tax in coins to each sale, the tax is paid by the buyer. For example, if you set the price of an item to 10 coins, we will charge an additional 1 Coin to the buyer for a total of 11 coins.



  • You need market slots to publish your articles. The market slots are like the spaces that you have available to publish your items, when you register in farmicrop we give you 1 slot and you can use it as many times as you want but if you want to add more than one items to the market at the same time you will need to buy other slots. The slots never expire and you can buy as many as you want.


  • If your prices are very high it will be more difficult to sell them. Remember that other players will buy your items and they will not buy from you if your prices are excessive or if there are other players selling cheaper than you. Try to keep prices competitive.


  • The most valued items are those that are most difficult to obtain. If you prefer to dedicate yourself to selling tomato seeds, you will notice that you cannot sell them very expensive since it is very easy to create tomato seeds but if you sell tomatoes, then they will sell much faster and at a higher price. So try to sell better items like pet food, dark potion or scarecrow, so you will make more profit.