How to create products in the lab?

In the laboratory you can use your ovens to make mixtures and thus create different products such as seeds, food, vitamins, vaccines, antidotes, potions and even guard dogs.

Everything that is produced in the laboratory is very useful for your farm and for any player's farm in farmicrop, so you can dedicate yourself to creating products in the laboratory for your own use or to sell in the market.

Creating a new product in the laboratory requires having at least one oven available, a farmer level, and a set of items that will depend on the product to be created. When you meet all the requirements you will see that the mix button is enabled and you can click on it to start a new mix.

You will have to wait the indicated time for the new product to be created, although you can always skip that time with some diamonds.

Have fun creating products in the lab and grow quickly at