How to start a planting?

To start a planting you will need seeds, fertilizer and water.

You get the water in your water wells, the seeds and the compost you can produce yourself in the laboratory or you can buy them from other players in the market.

Go to your planting area and plant your seed, add at least 5 of water and 5 of compost.

Each new sowing consumes 5 of water and 5 of fertilizer per day, for a total of 15 of water and 15 of fertilizer.

Your new plant will take 3 days to be ready for harvest, when you harvest the vegetables the plant automatically dies.


Other points to take into account:


1: Plants can get sick, so better add plant protector

2: If your plant gets sick, you can cure it with anti plague potion

3: If you give your plant a vitamin, it will produce more vegetables

4: Crows can attack your plantations to steal some vegetables so adding a scarecrow will help you protect all your plants

5: You can sell your plants in the market even if they are sick