All about the corral

There are several things you can do in your pen:

1: Produce milk

2: Raise cows and bulls

3: Produce leather and meat

To start, you need a cow, you can buy a cow in the market.

If you want to produce milk, then you only need to feed your cow every day 5 food and 5 water.

If what you are looking for is to produce new offspring then you need at least 1 bull and 1 cow, the bull must have 15 food and 15 water, you also need 1 dark potion or Dark Potion that you can obtain in the market.

When you have the requirements, and have at least 1 cow and 1 bull in your pen, you can click on spawn new calf, this option only appears in the bull.

The selected cow will take 24 hours to rest and after that time your new calf will be in your warehouse and the cow will be completely ready. The bull will take 5 days to rest before being available again to breed a new calf.

You can sell your babies in the market or you can add them to the corral to make them grow, a baby takes 3 days to grow and consumes 5 of water and 5 of food each day. When your calf grows it becomes a cow or a bull although there is always more probability that it is a cow.

Other things you should know:

- Animals get sick and when this happens they do not produce anything until they are cured.

- Sick animals can be cured with a cattle antidote that you can buy in the market or do it in the laboratory.

- You can prevent an animal from getting sick if you vaccinate it.

- If you add vitamins to an animal it will be more productive, for example, the cow will give you more milk every day.

- Never forget to feed your animals or they will be "paused" until you feed them.

- There are mice that attack your production and steal the milk produced by your cows, you can avoid this by adding a guard cat to your pen.

- You can kill your animals for meat and leather

- A fed cow produces 10 to 20 liters of water per day